Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Business Travel Agent

As a business travel agent, we specialise in providing travel services that are suitable for businesses. We can provide an unrivalled business travel service to all of our clients and we can ensure that your travel requirements are met. There are many benefits of working with us, including 24 hour support and advice, cost saving, time saving and many more. Visit our website for further information, or contact us on 0844 736 3663.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

24 Hour Travel Agents

Why choose a travel agent?

"I have a friend in Country A, and I am pretty sure she can recommend a few neat places to go to." Good for you, you have someone local who can give specific insights about the place, but we think that it would still be advisable to consult a travel agent. First off, they have access to the ever-changing promotions and other good deals that are not shown on-line.

Secondly, they are not called 24 hour travel agents for no reason; can you call your friend (who happens to be hours of drive away) in the middle of the night to ask for the nearest bar? Third point, your friend assured you that you have been booked for six in Hotel B along 4th Avenue, upon arrival, it turns out that you are booked for four in Hotel B in 6th Avenue. Blame your friend? When you have a travel agent, you can rant and they can find a fix. But most importantly, you have someone who can guide you along the way.

What is a good travel agent?

Is your 24 hour travel agent reachable 24 hours a day?

Or do 50% of your calls go to voice mail  and 50% of which are returned with "I'll see what I can do line? Does your agent tell you everything you need to know? Or only answers what you ask and sometimes partially. Does your agent sound like they pretend to know all? These are some of the few characteristics of a lousy travel agent. You might as well resort to calling your friend rather than endure this type of service from them so called "24 hour travel agents". Remember that a business, or an individual, values you if your needs are met, and your preferences are respected.

What to expect from them?

These travel consultants will make arrangements for any kind of domestic and international travel; handle room accommodations based on your preferences, assist in transportation (air, road, train, etc.) needs. Readily answer questions for those with special needs such as on-board child care, medical conditions and dietary restrictions. Sometimes, they can provide information on travel insurance and miscellaneous travel requirements that you're too busy to browse through airlines' website and pamphlets. Finally, let's not forget the main "what's-in-it-for-me?" - Great deals, discounts, and more discounts. In short, we want the best value for our hard-earned money and travel agents' services will come in handy.

So the special date is fast approaching, do your research now to avoid the hassles. When you find the right 24 hour travel agents, stick with them, perhaps, you can share worthy experiences and recommend them to your friends when they decide to pay your country a visit next time.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Travel Agents UK

In the current climate, it can sometimes be extremely difficult to find the best travel packages and deals. However, as experienced travel agents in the UK, we know exactly where to go to find you the best possible travel fares and packages, that ensure that you save your business as much money on travel costs as possible. Visit us online to find out more about our business travel agency and the services we offer.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Business Travel Agency

A business travel agency like us is different to a normal travel agent because we specialise in providing travel services for corporate and business travellers. As an experienced business travel agency, we are able to provide you business with the travel requirements you need. This could be anything from air fares and travel costs to hotel fees. For further details on our business travel services, visit our website.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Corporate Travel Agent

Does your business travel abroad to carry out jobs or attend meetings? If so then you might need a corporate travel agent like us to help you plan out your business travel. Corporate travel agents are able to provide you with everything you will need, ranging from travel fares, hotel fees, passports, visas and much more. At Quorn Business Travel we are recommended by our clients time and time again due to the quality of the corporate travel services we provide. For further information, visit us online.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

24 Hour Travel Agents

We are different to a lot of business travel agencies in the UK as we can provide a 24 hour business travel service. This is an out of hours help desk that operates 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The reason we do this is to keep our customers happy and to ensure all of their business and corporate travel requirements are met. For further information on business travel and our 24 hour travel advice services, visit us online.